Funding Approval Details

Aussie Cops

Project Aussie Cops
Fund 360 Vision Virtual Reality Development Initiative
Year 2016
Type 360 Vision
Company Hardy White Pictures Pty Ltd
Producer Michelle Hardy
Writer Seaton Kay-Smith

"Aussie Cops" is an Ozploitation comedy series about two very fair-dinkum cops investigating a grisly murder. An easy enough task; the evidence is all there, however, one of the cops, Robbo, has recently been divorced by the woman he loves and so neither cop is concentrating as well as they bloody well should. When we enter the first room, it looks like someone's flown a chopper through what was already a shit- hole of a house; there's blood and body parts everywhere. It stinks worse than an Ibis and Detective Robbo and Sgt Steve are here to find out why. The new recruit, will be the eyes for our audience. They will be addressed by the other characters, questions will be asked, orders will be barked, but there will always be a reason that they cannot answer. Something else will come up, they'll be told to be quiet, the questions will be rhetorical. There will be much humour found in playing with these interactions. Using the 360 experience places the audience smack bang in the middle of each scene, as they, in the role of silent-recruit, watch Robbo and Stevo attempt to solve the potential murder, talk about love and just have a real bloody good yarn. 360 allows the audience to be an active-observer.

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360 Vision Virtual Reality Development Initiative
Michelle Hardy
$ 20,000.00
Total Finance
$ 20,000.00