Funding Approval Details


Project Breach
Fund 360 Vision Virtual Reality Development Initiative
Year 2016
Type 360 Vision Virtual Reality Initiative
Company In Cahoots Creations Pty Ltd
Producer Rosie Lourde, George Kaceviski
Writer Rosie Lourde

50 years from now, on the edge of The City, you are born. But something isn't right. Your mother is terrified and your father isn't there, only a midwife, Storm, and some others. Within moments, military charge the room. You're torn from your mother's arms and strapped into separate medical vehicles. Driving through the city you see glimpses of this fractured world. You hear the doctors as they test your vitals; the human race is infertile and you're the first baby born in 16 years. You're taken to a research facility. Corridors of windows reveal young men and women in sterile rooms. In the surgery, doctors and researchers hook you up to machines as government officials watch on. That night, Storm breaks in and takes you to your uncle's house where you should be safe, but you spend the next 24 hours being stolen by various people, all desperately needing something from you. Hope. Eventually, two of the researchers take you to a hidden research centre where you're reunited with your mum and Storm. The researchers want to help you, they know somewhere safe but need to test a theory first; a theory of genetic mosaics ie intersex, and a possible solution to the survival of the human race. You have no other choice. As the anesthetic kicks in the door opens and in walks two government officials. They start to talk but it's too late, you black out.

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360 Vision Virtual Reality Development Initiative
Rosie Lourde
$ 20,000.00
Total Finance
$ 20,000.00