Funding Approval Details

Choir of Hard Knocks

Project Choir of Hard Knocks
Fund Advanced Development & Market Travel
Year 2014
Type Feature Film
Company Bravado Pictures Pty Ltd and Macgowan Films Pty Ltd
Writer Pip Karmel

Christopher, a failed opera singer, is forced to accept a job at a local community centre to compensate for his drink diving offence. Whilst there he circumstances conspire to involve him in music therapy as the unfortunate choir master of a motley crew of ex-crims, drug addicts, alcoholics and streeties. Despite his resistance he and they become the Choir of Hard Knocks. And with Christopher's musical guidance, and their life coaching, the troubled choir and he, rise above their personal demons becoming an unlikely musical sensation.

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Advanced Development
Sarah Nichols
$ 18,000.00
Market Travel
Marian Macgowan
$ 2,465.00
Advanced Development & Market Travel
Marian McGowan
$ 4,000.00
Advanced Development & Market Travel
Jason Stephens
$ 15,000.00
Total Finance
$ 39,465.00