Funding Approval Details

Flying Doctor

Project Flying Doctor
Fund Early Development
Year 2016
Type Feature Film
Company The Steve Jaggi Company
Producer Steve Jaggi
Writer Steve Worland

Set mainly in the 1920s, this is the story of an inspirational figure succeeding against the odds. Rev John Flynn sees the plight of outback women giving birth and looking after young families in remote areas with no support and decides to do something to help. He tells the church to put its money into establishing much needed services instead of building churches. 

For over twenty years Flynn fights obstacles – technical, logistical, financial and church orthodoxy - to realise his dream of the world’s first air ambulance service. The original early adopter, Flynn harnesses the emerging technologies of flight and radio transmission to transform the lives of people living in the Australian outback.

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Early Development
Kate Stone
$ 7,500.00
Total Finance
$ 7,500.00