Funding Approval Details

The Natural Way of Things

Project The Natural Way of Things
Fund Early Development
Year 2016
Type Feature Film
Company Generator Pictures Pty Ltd
Producer Emma Dockery, Katia Nizic
Writer Charlotte McConaghy

Drugged, captured, and brought against their will to a dilapidated cattle station in the Australian bush, Verla, Yolanda, and six other girls slowly come to. Their crimes: “sexual experience” ranging from affairs to rape, with men in high places who want them erased. Their violent, inept jailers beat them, force them to labour, and torture them with fear. When the company behind their capture fails to arrive and the food starts running out, a shift in the dynamic occurs: the jailers become the jailed and everyone must rediscover their roles in this terrifying ecosystem. Tested by an institution that despises them and driven by fear, hunger, and friendship, Yolanda and Verla must discover their true strength in order to survive. 

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Early Development
Miss Katia Nizic
$ 8,000.00
Total Finance
$ 8,000.00