Funding Approval Details

The Wedding Officer

Project The Wedding Officer
Fund Early Development
Year 2016
Type Feature Film
Company Revlover
Producer Martha Coleman
Writer Andrew Knight

It's 1944 and Captain Gould arrives in allied occupied, non-combat Naples, assigned to discourage the plethora of marriages between British soldiers and their gorgeous Neapolitan girlfriends and to close the illegal bars and eateries run by the mafia. The local mafia boss Antonio determines the innocent young officer may succeed if he isn't introduced to the Italian way of doing things. When Gould closes Antonio's eatery Zi Teresas, it's a step too far. Through his contacts Antonio arranges for culinarily gifted Livia Pertini to become the allied officers new chef. She listens to Gould's instructions that British prefer potatoes to pasta, they don't like garlic, and they prefer their tomatoes raw, and ignores them, creating feasts that shake the senses with their succulence. Equally stunned by Livia's fiery personality and her mouth watering dishes, James Gould learns that one man's heart does not always follow orders and that even in wartime the spicy passions of food and love can be as joyful and exciting as life itself. When Mt Vesuvius erupts, threatening Livia's village, Gould turns his back on his duties and uses army equipment and personnel to build a trench and divert the lava flow, saving Livia's home and dissolving the conflict between the cultures. He asks Livia to marry and him she agrees, on condition they stay in Naples, where the food is so much better. 

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Early Development
Martha Coleman
$ 30,000.00
Total Finance
$ 30,000.00