Funding Approval Details


Project Monkey
Fund Made in NSW - TV Drama
Year 2016
Round 57
Type TV Series/Serial
Company See-Saw Films (TV) Pty Ltd
Producer Rachel Gardner
Writer Jacquelin Perske

MONKEY tells the story of young monk on a perilous journey across China to collect the scrolls of Buddhist wisdom to restore faith and order in the world. Escorted on the journey by a motley group of disciples, they will discover that the journey, not the arrival, is the true lesson. Chief among these disciples is Monkey an irrepressible demi-god, a trickster, impatient, vain. An action adventure series for the whole family, it's a quest and a folk tale rolled into one. High stakes told with humour, it's a story of wisdom and nonsense, of betrayal and loyalty, of excitement and enlightenment, of good against evil.

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Made in NSW - TV Drama
Rachel Gardner
$ 300,000.00
Advanced Development
Rachel Gardner
$ 5,000.00
Total Finance
$ 305,000.00