Funding Approval Details

Asian Girls

Project Asian Girls
Fund Generator: Emerging Filmmakers Fund
Year 2017
Type Short Film
Company -
Producer Hannah-Florence Macgregor
Writer Hyun Lee

Chan is a Chinese factory worker whose life revolves around a strict routine: she eats breakfast, goes to work, and returns home to eat the same thing for dinner. Every night she experiences horrific nightmares, featuring a ghost monster that has an uncanny resemblance to the foreigner who lives in the apartment next door, a Japanese office lady. In waking life, the two women only encounter each other in the apartment hallway. They interact in an entirely benign, polite and somewhat awkward manner - a stark contrast to the violent and deeply disturbing visions of Chan’s nightmares.

Chan is always too disturbed to strike up a conversation and so they never discover the coincidence that Yamada is also haunted in her bad dreams by her neighbour, Chan.

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Generator: Emerging Filmmakers Fund
Hannah-Florence Macgregor
$ 30,000.00
Total Finance
$ 30,000.00