Funding Approval Details

Mustafa Needs a Wife

Project Mustafa Needs a Wife
Fund Production Finance
Year 2016
Round 57
Type Multiplatform
Company Spaceboy Productions
Producer Yingna Lu
Writer Luke Davidson, Mansoor Noor

Mustafa, a 24 year old Afghan-Australian, is devastated when his white girlfriend breaks up with him. His mother, however, is ecstatic. She reveals a plan to forge a marriage certificate and smuggle a foreign Afghan bride to Australia. Mustafa is mortified but knows his mother would rather be in jail with a married son than free with a failure. Instead of standing up to her, he proposes that he find a respectable girl on his own terms and his mother (suspiciously) agrees to temporarily halt her plans. In each short episode, Mustafa faces a unique dating dilemma as he navigates the two worlds he lives between - his Afghan background and the broader Australian community. While finding The One is no easy feat, the true challenge is learning to take control over his own life.

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Production Finance
Yingna Lu
$ 25,000.00
Total Finance
$ 25,000.00