Funding Approval Details


Project Strangerland
Fund Regional Filming Fund (RFF)
Year 2013
Round 45
Type Feature Film
Company Dragonfly Pictures Pty Ltd
Producer Naomi Wenck
Writer Fiona Seres

When Catherine and Matthew Parker’s two teenage children disappear into the remote Australian desert, their relationship is pushed to the brink as they confront the mystery of their children’s fate. Strangerland, directed Kim Farrant, is an atmospheric mystery drama, which has attracted an exceptional cast in Nicole Kidman, Joseph Fiennes and Hugo Weaving.

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Festival Travel
Naomi Wenck
$ 5,000.00
Production Finance
Naomi Wenck
$ 450,000.00
Regional Filming Fund (RFF)
Naomi Wenck
$ 100,000.00
Total Finance
$ 555,000.00