Funding Approval Details

The Merger

Project The Merger
Fund Regional Filming Fund (RFF)
Year 2016
Round 57
Type Feature Film
Company Crow Crow Productions Pty Ltd
Producer Anne Robinson
Writer Damian Callinan

Former AFL player Troy Carrington ekes out a subsistence lifestyle near Bodgy Creek; home after his AFL career ended tragically early. When the local footy team seems destined to fold, Angie Barlow, the widow of the former coach, seeks Troy out to see if he will consider coaching. Troy, whose local popularity is low after he led an environmental campaign that caused the town's timber mill to close, is reluctant but eventually agrees when he sees the opportunity to recruit refugees from the Regional Support Centre that Angie has recently set up. Club President Bull Barlow quits when Troy's refugee recruitment plan is voted in and blocks the team’s progress at every turn. However, even he is eventually won over by Sayyid, an Afghan Hazara, who not only steals everyone's hearts
but turns out be a gun player. Troy's remarkable success at unifying this unlikely team transforms into a quest for personal redemption. Only on the eve of a fairytale Grand Final are his blinkers ripped off by the sobering news of a personal tragedy befalling Sayyid. As the mourning team gather for the Grand Final, he realises they have already won. 

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Regional Filming Fund (RFF)
Anne Robinson
$ 100,000.00
Total Finance
$ 100,000.00