Funding Approval Details

Driftwood Dustmites

Project Driftwood Dustmites
Fund Festival Travel
Year 2015
Type Short Film
Company Australian Film Television Radio School
Festival 65th Berlin International Film Festival
Producer Jessica Giacco
Writer Malina Maria Mackiewicz

In a campsite at dawn Aishe watches, for the first time since her mother’s death, her father kissing his new love. Unable to fall back asleep she wakes up her little sister for company. They talk. About what just happened, about what’s to come. And Lyuba feels Aishe’s breasts, comparing them to their mother’s. They lie silent as the world around them wakes up. After a while the younger one’s eyes droop closed and she falls asleep in her sister’s lap.

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Festival Travel
Jessica Giacco
$ 3,000.00
Total Finance
$ 3,000.00