Funding Approval Details

The Guests

Project The Guests
Fund Festival Travel
Year 2015
Type Short Drama
Company Vanessa Cameron Humphrey
Festival Cannes International Film Festival
Producer Raquelle David, Vanessa Humphrey
Writer Shane Danielsen

Eastern Europe, the late 1960s. Anna has recently moved with her husband Philip to a new city, where she is left at home looking after their six-month-old baby. The new country’s language and culture are alien to her; she feels lonely and isolated. One night, while awaiting Philip's return, there is a buzz at the front door. She opens it, thinking it's him—but is confronted instead by a quartet of locals, claiming they have arrived for a housewarming party . . . Has Philip not told her they were coming?

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Festival Travel
Vanessa Humphrey
$ 5,000.00
Total Finance
$ 5,000.00