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Science Fiction Volume 1: The Osiris Child / Safe Neighbourhood

Project Science Fiction Volume 1: The Osiris Child / Safe Neighbourhood
Fund Festival Travel
Year 2016
Type Feature Film
Company Storm Alley Entertainment
Festival Fantastic Fest
Producer Paul Jensen, Brion Hambol, Brett Thornquest, Matthew Graham, Sidonie Abbene

SCIENCE FICTION vol ONE: THE OSIRIS CHILD: (Action Adventure/Science Fiction/Drama) 

In a faraway future, the people of Earth have established a colony on a distant planet. Here, KANE lives with his daughter, INDI, in the capital of Osiris, and works on a near by FLOTILLA (floating high-rise) for a military contractor called EXOR. One morning, Kane goes into a meeting led by GENERAL ELENA LYNEX and CAPTAIN MICHAELS, who announce that the high security prison on the planet has been compromised, and the prisoners have access to two nuclear reactors that have been set to go off and destroy Osiris within twentyfour hours, unless EXOR lets them escape. Despite protest from the other military men and women, Lynex and the Captain Michaels insist that they will not negotiate with terrorists. Captain Michaels then comes to Kane's Cabin and reveal to him that everything he just heard was a

lie- that there is no rebellion, but an accidental release of creatures they were breeding at the prison for future colonisation. He then informed him that Exor would blow up the nuclear reactors in just under 23 hours and blame it on the "rebellion" as a coverup.

Kane now finds a desperate need to get back to his daughter in Osiris so that they can escape the planet’s fate. He steals a SKET vehicle, a futuristic jet with 360 movement, that allows him to escape, but his fellow military men chase after him and end up shooting him down. He crash-lands in a lake at the surface after defeating his pursuers and is dragged to safety by SY, who reveals he worked as a nurse at the prison. Sy insists that everyone at the prison is actually dead, not rebelling, which confuses Kane. Nonetheless, Kane knows that the nuclear devices are activated and asks for Sy’s help getting back to Osiris. They begin their journey on foot but quickly realise they need quicker transportation and head to an illegal watering hole nearby, where they come across BILL and GYP, two step siblings with a unique love and relationship, playing drinking games. Bill and Gyp agree to help the other two for a sum, by driving them in their old prison bus to Osiris to retrieve Kane's daughter, Indi, and then all head to a military bunker to survive the impending nuclear blast.

Meanwhile, we flashback to see Sy's time in prison, revealing that he was actually a prisoner and not
a nurse at all. The prison is run by a cruel, yet noble man, WARDEN MORDAIN. We see Mordain's personal interaction with an inmate in his office, showing bit an unusual understand for the realities of life and a tendency to violent anger. Later, Sy and his crew, BOSTOK, CHARLES KREAT, and VIM MARTIN, start a fight with a fellow prisoner named NIMAL in the mess hall to get put into solitary confinement, where they believe an open wire exists that can help them escape. Bourdain comes and visits them, asking them to take into consideration how everyone they wronged to get there would feel if they were treated well and selects Sy and Vim to be brought to a special area. We see Vim and Sy in lab cells in separate rooms and hear Mordain reveal to Sy that the prisoners have been the objects of experiments and were being transformed into a creature call a Ragged. The Raggeds are created to be killing machines that can wipe out indigenous populations on new planets to make human takeover much more seamless. As we hear this, we see Vim going through it. Just as it's Sy's turn, the floor open from beneath 

him and he is dropped down into a different room. Bostok is there, having found the open wire in solitary, thus getting out and saving Sy. He presents him with a gun and a nurse's badge and escapes along with Sy and Kreat. As they exit the prison, the Raggeds are let loose, and Sy leaves to find his own way away from the prison. This leads him to later meeting Kane when he crash lands in the lake.

Along the journey, Kane, Sy, Bill, and Gyp encounter creatures called RAGGEDS, Reptilian humanoid creatures with a vicious appetite to kill or transform (into addition raged) anything they find. Luckily, they are well equipped with weapons and destroy the ambushing creatures before any harm can be done. Finally, they reach Osiris, which has become a warzone full of Raggeds running rampant and a flurry
of military fire trying to destroy them. The bus reaches Kane’s apartment, and he and Sy race inside to try and find his family. Kane finds a charred body on the ground and fears that it is Indi, however, Indi is hiding in her closet and the body is of her carer, ROMINYA. Devastated, Kane turns around to save his daughter and runs to the bus with Sy, which is ambushed by Raggeds as they escape the city. Bill dies in the firefight trying to defend them and Gyp must search her soul for what to do next.

Gyp drives the bus toward a bunker that Kane knows about, where he once took his daughter to explore. Just as they reach the outside of the bunker, a rogue Sket vehicle corners them and attacks the bus. Both Gyp and Kane die, leaving just Sy and Indi as survivors. Sy rushes Indi out of the bus and to the bunker.

Back at the bunker, Indi and Sy are racing towards the bunker. Just as they are about to get there Sy gets hit with a Ragged's barb (what causes someone to transform). Sy pushes Indi into the underground bunker just as the explosion goes off in the city above. At that same instant, Sy’s transformation into a Ragged begins to take place. He demands that Indi kill him, but she refuses, choosing instead to help him fight through his agony. While he transforms, Sy remembers why he went to prison in the first place; he was once a nurse at a hospital on Earth. On one of his night shifts in the ER he takes care of a woman involved in a collision due to a drunk driver. He sees that this is his wife, KIARA, and finds out that his daughter, KAI, was killed in the accident. After breaking down, he goes over to the drunk driver in the hospital and beats him to death out of revenge and anger. His family’s death has haunted him all along.

We fast forward to a year after the explosion subsides, Indi walks alone in a HAZMAT suit above the surface, where two RESCUERS find her and begin to question her. Suddenly, a Ragged appears and attacks the Rescuers, while Indi demands that they take both she and this Ragged back to the Flotilla, which was heading back towards earth. The remaining Rescue Officer agrees to take Indi and the Ragged to the Flotilla. They board the small ship together and one of the Rescue Officers sees them signing to each other. The Ragged then lies his head in Indi's lap as they take off. The Ragged turns out to be Sy, fully transformed. Indi says good bye to her father and tells Sy that they are heading home as they liftoff into the sky. 

SAFE NEIGHBORHOOD: (Horror/Thriller) 

It’s a snowy evening as ASHLEY (18) arrives at the LERNER home to babysit LUKE (12) like she's done many times before. This time, however, it’s slightly different. Ashley is moving out of town for College in a week, and Luke knows that this is the last time to fulfill his crush and “hook up” with her.

Unbeknownst to Ashley, who is focusing more on the issues in her current relationship with RICKY (22), Luke proceeds with a devilish plan to fake a break in with the help of his friend GARRET (13), in which he will “save” Ashley and become the hero of the evening, and therefore, her heart.

Halfway through Luke’s elaborate plan, Ashley clues into what is going on. She is furious. Ashley threatens to call Luke’s parents, and as she walks away to do so, Luke knocks her unconscious with the butt of his father’s gun, which he was holding for “safety” during the fake break in.

Ashley wakes up, bound to a chair in the kitchen. Luke has give Garrett some Percocet to calm his nerves so he can help them get out of this mess and plans to slip Ashley Rohypnol, so that she will not remember anything that has happened that night. However, Ashley won’t go down without a fight, and knocks the drugged drink out of Luke’s hand, shattering it on the floor. 

Things go from bad to worse when Ricky shows up looking for Ashley, barging into the house, resulting in Luke hitting him with a bat and knocking him out cold. Garrett is beyond consolation, and threatens to abandon Luke and the mess he’s created, but Luke promises that he’ll get them out of this. He lures Ashley’s ex-boyfriend, JEREMY (18) to the house, so he can pin the night’s events on him.

While they are waiting, Luke decides to play a “game” with Ashley and Ricky. The game quickly escalates to life threatening as Luke settles a longstanding dispute with Garrett – would the burglars have survived the swinging paint cans in HOME ALONE? They test the scenario on Ricky just as Ashley frees herself, but she’s too late to save him and watches in horror as he’s killed by the impact. She attempts to run, but is knocked to the ground.

This time they bind Ashley with two rolls of duct tape; escape is impossible. She begs Garrett to release her before Luke kills her too. Deciding to right the wrongs of the evening, Garrett begins to untie her when – BANG! Luke shoots Garrett dead. He’s gone too far tonight to let his best friend stop him from getting away with this.

Jeremy shows up and Luke gets him to write an apology note to Ashley, which he plans to use as a suicide note, before hanging him from the tree he’s sitting under. Luke then flurries around the house, disposing of any evidence that might incriminate him. He gets dead Jeremy's fingerprints on every murder weapon, including a kitchen knife, which he then uses to slit Ashley's throat. Sad that the evening has had to end this way, he makes it to bed seconds before his parents arrive to find a quadruple murder/ suicide has taken place in their absence.

Luke knows he has pulled off the perfect crime. He cries and hugs his distraught parents as he hears an EMT shout, "This one's still alive!" He watches helplessly as Ashley’s rushed into an ambulance. Despite her massive loss of blood, Ashley manages to give Luke the middle finger before the ambulance doors shut and she’s whisked away. Mrs. Lerner stares out at the cold December night, no idea that in her arms, her son’s blood runs colder. 

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Sidonie Abbene
$ 2,000.00
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