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Screen NSW News

22 Jun 12 | NSW Government Announces $770,000 in Funding to Cutting Edge Interactive Media Projects

Ten new cutting edge interactive media projects are to be made in NSW with funding from the NSW Government, Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner announced today.

The projects are to be produced under the NSW Government’s Interactive Media Fund (IMF), previously known as the Digital Media Initiative. The IMF, which is now managed by Screen NSW, will provide $3 million in funding over two years to support the creation of new digital content.

The fund is designed for commercially oriented projects that are destined for distribution on internet, wireless, mobile or other emerging platforms or devices.

“These 10 new projects, from some of NSW’s most exciting and innovative creative talent, were selected for their innovation, quality, originality and interactivity and their potential to contribute to a robust NSW economy and the NSW digital media industry,” Mr Stoner said.

Mr Stoner said that the 10 projects to be funded are:

  • Guess How Much I Love You, based on the popular children’s book, which, following a successful TV series produced by SLR Productions, will involve creation of an immersive environment and iPad application;
  • ArkadiASeed is a multi-platform tower defence game with strong narrative sensibilities and gameplay built around ecological systems produced by SeeThrough Studios;
  • Particulars, an educational and entertainment game planned for digital download release produced by SeeThrough Studios;
  • Brainworth, an educational game world played inside a browser;
  • a community-powered, physics-based, action puzzle game called Blonk;
  • The Story of the Goddess Durga Digital Motion Comic Prototype, the first production from the Project M Studios, a new company which will specialise in the creation of digital content;
  • development of new interactive content in form of games and activities for preschool children that are both entertaining and educative for Wiggle Time. Emphasis will be on having fun and empowerment, with cognitive, physical and social/emotional elements;
  • the game Lost Monsters, originally created as a game app within Facebook and which will now extend to mobile devices;
  • the expansion of the company Uppercut Games, following the extraordinary success of their game, Epoch, including the development of a new mobile title; and
  • the creation of an interactive app that extends the story-world and complements the worldwide release of the new Australian feature film The Sapphires.

“The NSW Government is investing more than $770,000 in these projects which will provide dozens of highly skilled jobs in this exciting new industry. NSW has a world class screen production and post production industry and now an emerging world-class digital media industry,” Mr Stoner said.

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