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Benefits of hiring people with a disability

Have you ever thought about employing a person with a disability on set or in the office? Filmmakers and production companies, like many small businesses, can greatly benefit from employing people with a disability in roles on both sides of the camera. Industries like hospitality and retail have long enjoyed the diversity and capability that people with a disability bring to the workplace.

Genevieve Clay-Smith, Director of Bus Stop Films, has a passion to raise the profile of people with disabilities in the screen industry. Ms Clay-Smith says, “It really comes down to being aware of unconscious bias with managerial staff and hirers as well as having work place flexibility and reasonable adjustments in place within HR polices to ensure that the right person is hired no matter who they are.”

Accessible Arts is the peak body for artists with a disability, and is a great resource for advice on connecting with artists and training for companies on disability awareness.

There are also a variety of services and support in place to help employers engage with people with a disability, including incentives. Click on these links to find out more:

Accessible Arts

Australian Network on Disability

Disability Employment Australia

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