Flying High: Screen NSW runs Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Workshop, News
Flying High: Screen NSW runs Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Workshop, News

Flying High: Screen NSW runs Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Workshop

Screen NSW held a workshop to provide an opportunity for those that provide filming permits to understand the legislation surrounding UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) operations and maintain a safe working environment within the screen industry. We are aware of several recent incidents where drone operators have ignored the safety regulations putting the public at risk. 

Director of Production Attraction and Incentives at Screen NSW Matt Carroll said of the day: “This is a workshop on how we can manage the use of UAV’s safely into the future. And for us to remain at the cutting edge in UAV development and opportunities,”

With the advancement of UAV/Drone technology enabling more sophisticated camera systems and industry equipment to be airborne, Government Authorities, safety Officers and Location Managers want to be aware of the process, rules and regulations associated with drones to operate safely within their Local Government Area. The safety issues surrounding the correct use of drones is becoming more and more apparent. Screen NSW has recently received a high volume of queries and concerns from Local Government and State Authorities regarding operators of UAVs not obeying the rules and a series of breaches of permits provided for drone flights. 

The audience for this first invitation-only event was targeted at Local Government/Council Film Contact Officers within the Metro Sydney and some regional areas, State Authorities such as RMS (Roads & Maritime), Port Authority, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, NSW Police, Royal Botanic Gardens, Department of Premier Cabinet, SPA (Screen Producers Association), Location Managers and Safety officers etc. who have contacted Screen NSW seeking clarification on the rules and regulations in seeking filming permits within their LGAs. Many Councils who provide filming permits have told us that they would like to further understand the CASA requirements in the hope of developing some consistent guidelines that can be implemented across LGAs. 

We filmed the event and will shortly make it it available as a valuable resource to other authorities and those unable to attend. 

Attached is a check list which you can use as a guide only for UAV use. 

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