Career pathways and developments in South East Arts, News

Career pathways and developments in South East Arts

South East Arts (SEA), the regional arts development organisation for the south east corner of NSW, has secured $20,000 from Screen NSW to support screen industry development. The funding support comes from Screen NSW as part of $160,000 worth of grants across 14 projects supporting the State’s screen industry.

SEA General Manager, Andrew Gray said the funding enables the organisation to further implement the first year of their recently launched three-year regional screen industry strategy, known as SEA Screen, also recently developed with support of Screen NSW. 

“Our goal is to build the capacity of screen professionals within the region, which in turn puts the south east on the industry radar. The first part of the strategy has already kicked off, we have developed an active network of SEA Screen industry professionals, an online resources database and have begun a series of professional development events.”

Bringing film and television productions to the south east is a key element of SEA’s strategy.  Matt Carroll from Screen NSW explained the considerable benefits from location shooting of film, television and photographic productions in regional areas.

“In October this year, an international fashion house used the high country, around Thredbo, as the location for their 2016 catalogue shoot. There is an immediate economic impact from this type of location work, bringing crews and talent to the region – using local resources. There is also the future tourism benefit, as a landscape becomes known and recognised worldwide,” he said.

SEA Screen held networking events in Jindabyne and Bega during 2015. Location Scouting workshops were also held, facilitated by Matt Carroll and also Locations Manager, Colin McDougall. 

SEA recently presented A Conversation with Shirley Barrett , director and screen writer at the Bega Valley Regional Gallery. Shirley’s credits include Offspring, Love My Way, A Place to Call Home and Love Serenade. Shirley was interviewed by ABC South East journalist Sophie Campbell at a SEA Screen networking event, a video of the event is available on the SEA YouTube channel, where you will also find locally made short films and links to other industry events in the region.

SEA Screen will continue to support regional screen projects throughout 2016 with the first SEA Summit, a regional professional development and screen industry conference, planned for early June in the Bega Valley.  It is proposed that the event will feature keynote speakers from within the industry and government, as well as workshops on topics such as crowdfunding, location scouting, concept development and online storytelling. The event will attract delegates from all over regional New South Wales including government agencies, commercial entities and screen industry professionals, as well as those considering the screen industry as a potential career pathway.

SEA will continue to support and develop YOOFTube - their youth short film competition and further explore youth and education programs for 2017. Opportunities to connect with the regional IT development community will also be identified, along with opportunities for indigenous storytelling programs.

More information on SEA Screen, including the Screen Industry Strategy for the south east region can be found here.

Image caption:  South East Arts recently hosted director Shirley Barrett at a regional screen industry networking event in Bega. Photo credit: Karl Schwerdtfeger

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