Spring starts at Metro Screen, News

Spring starts at Metro Screen

Spring starts at Metro Screen
Connect event: Music Video Show +Tell. Courses: Screenwriting, Production Management, Producing TV and Episodic Content, The Script Supervisor, Camera Basics.

Introduction to Screenwriting
Our ever popular Intro to Screenwriting will teach you the fundamental skills of story structure, screenplay layout and the all important logline starting 02 Sept.
Production Management
Heather Oxhenham is a Production Supervisor for SBS TV – learn the ins and outs of good Production Management with her starting 8 Sept
Producing TV and Episodic Content
Let Carolyn Mee with 27 years experience producing tv series and fresh from her VIVID 2015 event on gaming teach you Producing TV and episodic content starting14 Sep.
The Script Supervisor
Learn how to be a successful Script Supervisor from Kristin Voumard - The Script Supervisor on the new season of RAKE starting 19 Sept .
Camera Basics
Steve Macdonald shot 'Poor Little Rich Girls' (After Warhol), a cinematic homage to Andy Warhol's 1965 film with Edie Sedgwick played by Gracie Otto. Steve will lead our Camera Basics starting 26 Sept.
Music Video Show+Tell
Join Metro Screen to hear from a panel of up and coming music video makers. Watch some clips and hear from the filmmakers as they share the trials and challenges they overcame to get the job done.
The panel for the 30th of September includes:
Alex Lee – cinematographer, Brosis Films – has worked with Hollow States, Olympic Ayers and more.
Melvin Montalban – director, writer, editor – has worked with White Shadows, Boy and Bear and more.
Guy Franklin – writer, director – has worked with Kimbra, Megan Washington and more.
and guest moderator, director Jaime Lewis.



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