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 Emerging Visions forum & breakup party, News

Vale Metro Screen
 Emerging Visions forum & breakup party

Vale Metro Metro Screen Emerging Visions forum & breakup party

Wednesday 11 November, Chauvel Cinema Paddington. 6 – 10pm

Vale Metro Screen brings together the Metro Screen community to celebrate its legacy and launch Emerging Visions, original research commissioned by Metro Screen about the state of play for emerging screen practitioners.

Its research was conducted over a six month period and is based on a literature review, secondary data, employer interviews and interviews with screen practitioners from a mix of experience across production roles, both above and below the line.

Metro Screen stated that Emerging Visions aims to inform an appropriate industry response to the changing landscape in which emerging screen practitioners must compete for jobs and other opportunities.

What will the screen industry look like in 5 to 10 years without a clear strategy and policies around talent regeneration? Who will be our future leaders?

Join Metro Screen to discuss its research, reflect on its achievements and then, at its breakup party, celebrate over 34 years of support for new voices and diverse storytelling.

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