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Green Screen

Screen NSW is committed to the continual improvement of its environmental performance recognising the contribution that this will make to the wider sustainability agenda in Australia.

Recognising our role as the Agency responsible for leading the development of the screen industry across New South Wales, we will reduce the environmental impact of our operations and promote resource efficiency.

Screen NSW staff have embraced their responsibilities in delivering this policy and recognise the importance of engaging the NSW screen industry in its implementation.

To deliver this policy within our internal operations we will:

  • adopt and promote more energy and resource efficient practices.
  • recognise that waste disposal has an environmental impact and cost and therefore seek to prevent it where possible.
  • recognise that the nature of our business requires the occasional use of hazardous substances and therefore endeavour to minimise their use by actively seeking alternatives where possible.
  • seek to minimise the impact that transport has on the environment, in particular recognising its contribution to global climate change, and therefore support more sustainable modes of travel.
  • recognise the importance of NSW's biodiversity and seek ways of conserving and enhancing it.
  • encourage and influence businesses, organisations and individuals we work with across Australia to adopt more sustainable business practices and protect the environment.
  • provide all the necessary resources for the effective delivery of this policy.
  • openly measure, audit, review and report on our progress.

For more information on Screen NSW environmental policy and the steps we are taking to use resources efficiently please email: