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Guarantee of Service

What does Screen NSW do?

Screen NSW is established to assist, promote and strengthen the screen industry in NSW so as to promote Australia’s cultural identity, encourage employment in all aspects of screen production, encourage investment in the industry, enhance the industry’s export potential, encourage innovation and enhance quality in the industry.

Through its funding programs and skilled staff Screen NSW:

  • supports the screen production sector to make quality projects that create jobs and grow stable businesses in the State
  • provides advice and information to improve capability in the sector and enable industry practitioners to participate in the global industry
  • funds and promotes new forms of screen content and use of technology
  • collaborates with industry to create opportunities
  • facilitates all aspects of filming in NSW to make it the most attractive State for Screen Production

The functions of the Office are outlined in the Screen NSW Charter

Service Standards

The service you can expect from Screen NSW:

Screen NSW will:

•          provide prompt service in line with its published guidelines and policies

•          demonstrate standards of conduct and ethics that maintain public confidence

•          treat you with courtesy, fairness, dignity and respect

•          consult with representatives from key interest groups

•          respond to concerns or suggestions you may have in regard to Screen NSW

•          be accountable and transparent in all our dealings

•          address telephone inquiries generally within two working days and provide any follow up advice within three days

•          respond to emails addressed to staff members within one week of receipt

•          respond to correspondence within three weeks of receipt

•          make decisions on script and project applications generally within 6-8 weeks of receipt of the complete application and supporting documents and within the timeframes of its published guidelines

•          maintain discretion and confidentiality of client's projects and requests.

Please note, due to unforeseen circumstances Screen NSW may need to extend the turnaround times on responding to your requests. In the event that turnaround times are extended we will advise you of the revised timing.


Screen NSW Staff are required to maintain and keep confidential all information that they receive in the course of their employment, relating to the affairs of Screen NSW, the affairs of clients or any other party that has dealings with Screen NSW. This extends to information gained by employees, the confidentiality of which is not readily apparent. Specifically, staff must not express or inadvertently disclose any confidential information relating to Screen NSW or its clients or any party dealing with Screen NSW to any third party, without the prior approval of the parties affected or the Chief Executive.


If you wish to provide feedback or make a formal complaint please see the Feedback and Formal Complaints Policy and Procedure:

To view a PDF of the Guarantee of Service click here.

This Guarantee of Service was last updated on July 2015.