Colony: Departure

Type 360 Vision Virtual Reality Initiative
Company Curious Works
Producer Vanessa Hyde
Writer Shakthidharan Sivanathan, Rosalie Pearson, Elias Nohra

Colony: Departure is a VR experience about one Australian family over fifteen generations, from precolonial times to an imagined future. It immerses audiences in migrational journeys to and within Australia, told from the perspective of our shared past, present and possible future. Departure tells the story of an Australian family line with diverse ancestries, spanning Yolngu, Sri Lankan, Indian, Pacific Islander, Maltese, Vietnamese and Anglo-Celtic. Its ultimate effect is to immerse audiences in a largely untold Australian history, one with ancient and contemporary intercultural exchanges. Departure is part of the Colony multi-platform universe of stories. This means that Departure characters, locations and themes narratively connect into a wider range of film, theatre, music and web-series projects that CuriousWorks is producing over the next 5 years. Each of these productions extend the narrative of one of the 15 generations, telling the full story of that moment in the family's history. These productions are being developed in partnership with key cultural centres here and overseas, including Belvoir Theatre, Sydney Film Festival, Carrigeworks and Streaming Museum (USA).