Type Multiplatform
Company Every Cloud Productions Pty Ltd
Director Tony Tilse, Billie Pleffer
Producer Lois Randall
Writer Billie Pleffer

DeadlockVR: Sadie’s Ghost is an immersive live-action virtual reality experience extending from the Deadlock original series for ABC iView. At the centre of the drama, young teenager Sadie was tragically killed in a car accident, but her ghost remains in the town of Byron Bay and there are secrets yet to be revealed... YOU are visited by Sadie and, taking you by the hand, she leads you into the dreams of the Deadlock characters as they sleep. Laila, Aero, Zai, Jed, Roma and Cherry. They all have secrets. They all know more than they say out loud. You will be witness to their confessions and truths, fears, desires, and surprising revelations.