The Church

Type 360 Vision Virtual Reality Initiative
Company Proxi VR Pty Ltd
Director Guy Norris
Writer Harrison Norris

A repairman receives a voicemail requesting his service at a rural church. He arrives to find the doors locked but light and hymns emanating from inside. He knocks but receives no response as the lights plunge to black and the same few lines are sung. The repairman finds a door ajar at the back of the church and enters. On a desk is a phone and a tape recorder, surrounded by a scattering of tapes all labeled with a variety of services: police, fire, gardener etc. The tape in the recorder is labeled 'repairman'.The repairman presses play and hears the voicemail that called him to the church dissolving into begging from the priest.The church door slams sealing the repairman inside as rasping clicks from the tape are heard. In the empty church, the repairman finds a skipping tape recorder repeating the same few lines off a tattered tape. He catches a glimpse of something that used to be human, glowing eyes, disgustingly elongated limbs, broken bones stretching against paper-thin skin, threatening to burst through. This abomination used to be the priest.The repairman fights desperately, ultimately besting the abomination by striking it with his flashlight. As the repairman collapses, another pair of glowing eyes appear in the darkness. Within moments he's surrounded by dozens of glowing eyes; the church congregation all converted and the repairman has become one of them.