The Hold Up

Type 360 Vision Virtual Reality Initiative
Company Jungle FTV Pty Ltd
Director Scott Pickett
Producer Sarah Nichols
Writer Charlie Garber

Waiting in line in a dull suburban bank branch a young man defends his rejection of online banking to his peeved girlfriend. Gary will always choose the 'real' over the 'virtual' if given a chance. He sees it as a stand for a common humanity. Suddenly he is put in a choke hold with a gun to his temple by a berserk bank robber. This is a hold up and as the other customers hit the deck the second bank robber informs them there's an activist/political message to this heist. However, the speech loses the robbers valuable time. When it comes to emptying the tills it's too late, and Gary points out the wider impossibilities of modern day bank robbing. A desperate attempt to steal the customer's wallets exposes the deep rifts in this criminal duo, climaxing in a hair raising mexican stand off. A compromise comes in the idea of kidnapping the young man and emptying his bank account. The girlfriend saves the day with a damning appraisal of the Gary's finances that morphs into a brutal character take-down. Things get even more real for Gary when he cops a bullet in the leg just before the robbers flee.