Funding Approval Details


Project DAVE
Fund Advanced Development
Year 2017
Type TV Drama Series
Company Matchbox Productions Pty Ltd
Producer Julie Eckersley & Sophie Miller
Writer Zoe Coombes Marr

DAVE is a darkly surreal comedy following Dave, a well-meaning but outdated comedian who unwittingly becomes the centre of a political correctness storm when he is publicly shamed for his offensive material. Forced by “twitter feminists” to reexamine his place in a changing world, Dave’s unlikely journey from hero to pariah to hero again is made all the more bizarre and touching because he is played by a woman (Zoe Coombs Marr).

Plunged into the world of call-out culture and identity politics, Dave must adapt fast to rescue his comedy career. Not only that, but in a bizarre chain of events, Dave is forced into a Matrix-style meta adventure when a clowning workshop reveals his inner clown is a cranky lesbian comedian (Zoe Coombs Marr) who is making a TV show about him, and is able to break the fourth wall Dave ever even knew existed. As the fabric of his reality tears and Zoe begins to take over, Dave quests to solve the disturbing existential mystery: Is he the construct of a lesbian’s imagination?

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Advanced Development
Kali Reid
$ 18,000.00
Total Finance
$ 18,000.00