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Muhammed Jones

Project Muhammed Jones
Fund Early Development
Year 2016
Type Web Series
Company Cordell Jigsaw Productions
Writer Asma Fahmi, Amal Awad

Muhammed Jones (nee Jarrar) runs a local Islamic organisation servicing Muslims in the Western suburbs of Sydney. His centre has become a hub for young Muslims and with constant media attacks on the community – terrorist link accusations in particular – Muhammed sees an opportunity to show just ordinary and transparent (and important) their work is by inviting a documentary crew to follow him around for a week.

Muhammed's positive message is derailed when one of the centre's regular patrons is linked to a local crime. Very quickly, the media begins to speculate on the boy's “potential terrorist links”, and what should have passed for a low-level crime spirals into a political nightmare for Muhammed Jones, and documentary gold for the crew.

Muhammed, a well-meaning but inept leader with questionable financial abilities, is swept into further chaos when a nosy journalist known for anti-Muslim stories starts a full-blown investigation into the centre.

Each episode will have a self-contained storyline and there will be a larger arc over the series. Some of the storylines and issues may be

- Muhammed hosts an interfaith event that goes awry when a fight breaks out in the crowd, despite having the most polite panel of speakers possible.

- Muhammed's leadership has always been questioned by certain community members, and this comes to a head when election for the board rolls round.

- Muhammed's dealings with a local Machiavellian MP, who plays both sides of the political fence. 

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Early Development
Damian Davis
$ 8,000.00
Total Finance
$ 8,000.00