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Todd Sampson Body Hack 2.0

Project Todd Sampson Body Hack 2.0
Fund Production Finance
Year 2017
Type Factual - Series
Company Essential Media and Entertainment Pty Ltd
Producer Chris Thorburn

In this documentary series Todd Sampson is on a quest to hack the human body. His lab? The world's most extreme environments and situations. Over six landmark episodes, Todd's taking his ordinary body to extraordinary places - expeditions into the unknown that are motivated by an authentic passion for adventure, science and knowledge. In every episode, Todd attempts to complete an epic challenge that pushes his body to its limit. As he trains, we'll learn how the human body works; how adaptable it is under pressure; how it responds to training; and how, with the right preparation, we can all go further than we ever imagined.

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Production Finance
David Alrich
$ 60,000.00
Total Finance
$ 60,000.00