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Making Child Prodigies

Project Making Child Prodigies
Fund Production Finance
Year 2017
Type Factual - Series
Company Screentime Pty Ltd
Producer Niamh Linie

Making Child Prodigies is a 6 part observational documentary series, exploring the lives of six extraordinary Australian children, and asking the question - What does it take to be a child prodigy? In an era of helicopter parents, tiger mums, multiple after-school activities and tutoring as par-for-the-course, what is the difference between a child prodigy and a very talented, highly motivated child? Is prodigious talent genetically innate or can it be learned? Most of them home schooled, their parents have sacrificed all to give them the opportunity to demonstrate their talents. Which of them are real prodigies? How many of them have parents who are living their own dreams through their children? Which of them will succeed? And who will break?

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Production Finance
Jennifer Collins
$ 70,000.00
Total Finance
$ 70,000.00