Funding Approval Details

Carla & Lisa's Countdown of Australian Art

Project Carla & Lisa's Countdown of Australian Art
Fund Production Finance
Year 2017
Round 60
Type Factual - Series
Company Custom Made Productions Pty Ltd
Producer Barry Gamba

Twins, Carla and Lisa Wherby are besotted by art and celebrity. Over the years, these two very idiosyncratic Western Sydney artists have amassed a collection of autographs, ‘selfies’ correspondence and memorabilia from the world of Australian popular culture and art. As a result Carla and Lisa have at the tip of their tongues a plethora of anecdotes (and opinions) regarding their friendships, encounters and correspondence with the some of stars of Australian art (including Adam Cullen, Martin Sharp and Bill Henson). And these two extraordinary storytellers are itching to talk... about art, artists, celebrity and Sydney. Viewers will join the twins on their journey, from their studio/bedsit in Auburn in Western Sydney to the halls of the AGNSW, and the storerooms and racks of the AGNSW’s Collection. Drawing on their own personal letters, autographs and photos, Carla and Lisa discuss the artists they grew to know, the individuals behind their public façade.

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Production Finance
Barry Gamba
$ 30,000.00
Total Finance
$ 30,000.00