Funding Approval Details

Drop Dead Weird Series 2

Project Drop Dead Weird Series 2
Fund Production Finance
Year 2018
Round 60
Type TV Series - Family
Company Drop Dead Weird Series 1 Pty Ltd

Drop Dead Weird follows the continued hilarious antics of an Australian family who moved to Tubbershandy, an isolated seaside village in Western Ireland, to save the family B&B from the grasping hands of local identity and school principal Bunni Shanahan who is ready to takeover. With three 'fish-out-of-water' Aussie kids, one kooky Irish grandfather and

two recently zombified parents, running a B&B in a remote seaside Irish village, things are going to get weird... DROP DEAD WEIRD! The three Aussie kids- Lulu, Bruce and Frankie are finding it hard enough hiding their big secret - their parents are zombies. Yes, ZOMBIES. We're talking serious undead with limited vocabularies and really terrible skin. The three kids must invent on a daily, or even hourly basis, a way to keep the truth under wraps or Bunni Shanahan will be on to them. Their schemes, ideas and unexpected twists of fate are a constant source of hilarity. All this to deal with and teenager Lulu still hasn't worked out whether she may or may not have a crush on her best friend Dermot...

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Production Finance
Sally Browning, Monica O'Brien
$ 100,000.00
Total Finance
$ 100,000.00