Funding Approval Details

Patricia Moore

Project Patricia Moore
Fund Regional Filming Fund (RFF)
Year 2018
Type TV Drama Series
Company Cobbstar Productions
Producer Chris Thompson, Rochelle Briggenshaw
Writer Blake Fraser

The Moore’s, a family of cannibals, travel the Australian outback in a customized bus they call home...As hunger strikes, daughter Patricia, 16, goes hunting and meets local boy Toby who ignites her desire to live a normal teenage life. As her love for Toby grows, Patricia’s is challenged by the family’s number one rule - Never fall in love with the ‘food’.

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Regional Filming Fund (RFF)
Cobbstar Productions Pty Ltd
$ 22,575.00
Market Travel
Brian Cobb, Chris Thompson
$ 2,000.00
Total Finance
$ 24,575.00