Funding Approval Details

Holy Cow

Project Holy Cow
Fund Market Travel
Year 2017
Type TV Drama - Mini Series
Company See Pictures Pty Ltd
Producer Ester Harding, Chloe Rickard
Writer Liz Doran, Lally Katz, Greg Waters

A suburban Australian Hindu family makes the confronting pilgrimage to the biggest religious festival on earth, the MAHA KUMBH MELA, on the banks of India’s sacred river, the Mother Ganges. The Compass audience will plunge headlong into the human tide, 50 million strong, and into the Ganges River, wander through spectacular parades, camps of colourful gurus and explore the vast diversity of religious expression that is Hinduism.

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Market Travel
Ester Harding
$ 2,500.00
Early Development
Ester Harding
$ 10,000.00
Total Finance
$ 12,500.00