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Screen NSW Funding and Incentives: Overview

Each year Screen NSW receives recurrent funding from the NSW Government in the budget for programs and operations. Screen NSW then allocates the program funding across its programs for that year. This process occurs at the start of each year to enable planning for the year across funding rounds.

The allocations are targets only and reflect the organisation’s view of industry needs for the coming year and are subject to change based on the volume and quality of applications, changing industry needs and additional funds that may become available due to increased revenues from other sources.

  1. Australian Government Incentives / Offsets

  2. Regional Filming Fund (RFF)

  3. Regional Filming Fund (RFF)

  4. Early Development

  5. Strategic Opportunities Fund

  6. Critical Time Shooting

  7. Advanced Development

  8. Emerging Producer Placement

  9. Production Finance

  10. Festival Travel

  11. Market Travel

  12. Industry Development Fund

  13. Audience Development Fund

  14. Terms of Trade and Contracting

    Terms of Trade and Contracting

  15. How Do I Get My Idea Moving?

    How Do I Get My Idea Moving?