Location Scouts and Inbounds Program

Create NSW provides location and production support to encourage screen projects to film in Sydney and NSW.

The objectives of the program include:

  • To market NSW as Australia’s premier screen production destination;
  • To increase the State’s market share of film and television production by attracting potential projects to film in NSW;
  • To familiarise practitioners with NSW locations for their projects;
  • To provide an opportunity to connect local and international practitioners with local technical and creative talent, studio and post-production and visual effects facilities for their projects and to support new and sustainable partnerships between organisations of International significance and local practitioners and facilities.

The program offers long-form footloose productions scouting assistance for location surveys for eligible projects and may include covering some of the costs associated with on-ground travel including accommodation, domestic flights, vehicle hire and location manager services.  Eligible projects are feature films, tele-movies, mini-series, TV series or reality programs.

The program is open to projects prior to commencement of pre-production and prior to or during financing. For international inbound visits, Create NSW generally works with Ausfilm to facilitate a suitable itinerary, however, enquiries can also be made direct to Create NSW Screen Destination Attraction area.

Please view the Guidelines for more information on this program before completing the Location Scouts and Inbounds Program Application here.


Prior to submitting an application please contact:

Production Attraction & Incentives

For further information contact:
Production Attraction & Incentives