Charlie’s Working Space, Los Angeles, funding, images
Charlie’s Working Space, Los Angeles, funding, images
Charlie’s Working Space, Los Angeles, funding, images
Charlie’s Working Space, Los Angeles, funding, images
Charlie’s Working Space, Los Angeles, funding, images

Charlie’s Working Space, Los Angeles


Did you know we offer a FREE workspace for NSW screen practitioners to conduct business, collaborate and network your film projects?

Charlie’s is a hub for Australian filmmakers and practitioners to use while they are in Los Angeles. Located within the historic Raleigh Studios in the heart of Hollywood.Charlie’s is a unique creative workspace, designed to provide a home base for visiting filmmakers.



Create NSW has access to two “hot desks” at Charlie's 24/7 and we have a simple application process. APPLY


In addition to Charlie’s, NSW practitioners can access three screening facilities, two 36 seat theatres and the Chaplin theatre which holds 160 seats, (Bookings are subject to availability and must be booked in advance through AiF)


Please read the Charlie's eligibility guidelines, before you  APPLY.

Do you have any question? Contact:

Who can apply for the Create NSW hot desks?

Any NSW based creative who is visiting LA for the purpose of professional development or screen industry related business can apply for access to one or two Screen NSW hot desks, free of charge. Applicants must be over 18 years.

Please note: NSW-based means the applicant must be based in and working from NSW, and ordinarily have lived in NSW for at least six months immediately prior to the date of the application.


Is there funding available to support my trip?

No. All costs associated with travel to LA are to be met by the applicant. Access to Charlie’s is a service initiative not a grant.

What is Create NSW looking for in supported applicants?

Create NSW is keen to support applicants whose use of Charlie’s will have a direct benefit to their career, projects and ultimately the NSW screen industry.


There are two desks, I am working alone, can I still apply?

Yes. Single applications are welcome. Those working in a team can apply for up to two people to access the desks via the one application.

If I am successful, what is included in access to Charlie’s?
  • Exclusive access to a hot desk twenty four hours a day, seven days a week;
  • Exclusive access to a Meeting Room during Regular and Extended Business Hours;
  • Access to the office kitchen and bathroom, including shower;
  • The same benefits as Industry Members of AiF in Los Angeles during the period of access, including attending AiF screenings and other AiF events advised by Screen NSW and discounts available to AiF Industry members;
  • Parking is available at $10 USD per day or street parking;
  • The opportunity to book (through AiF) the Raleigh Studios screening facilities at special AiF rates.
Will I need travel Insurance?

Yes. All applicants granted access to Charlie’s via Screen NSW, will be required to provide proof of Travel Insurance which includes but is not limited to cover for health and medical situations and covers the applicants personal items, possessions and equipment.

Do I need a visa?

Yes. It will be the responsibility of all successful applicants to ensure they have the correct visas for any activity they will be engaging in whilst in the USA.

Is access transferable?

No. Access to Charlie’s will be granted to only the successful applicant for the specified time. Access cannot be transferred or passed onto anyone else.

Will I need to sign a contract?

Yes. Successful applicants will enter into an Agreement with Create NSW about their access to Charlie’s and the requirements and obligations of that access and obligation to abide by a Code of Conduct.