Regional Filming Fund (RFF), funding, images
Regional Filming Fund (RFF), funding, images

Regional Filming Fund (RFF)

The Regional Filming Fund offsets costs associated with shooting in regional areas of NSW. Regional NSW is defined as all areas in NSW outside the Sydney Metro area (excluding the ACT).

Please see below for quick reference funding GUIDELINES. See above for a downloadable PDF.

All applications must be received through the Screen NSW online grants administration system, SmartyGrants. 

The application form can be found here.

Potential applicants are advised to read through the following guidelines and if you have further questions contact the Development & Production team at 


Click on the items below for the Regional Filming Fund (RFF) guidelines

What project formats are eligible?

We fund production of Australian projects in the following categories:

  • feature films
  • content-rich factual and documentary television or web programs and series
  • adult and children’s television drama and narrative comedy including series, miniseries, web series and telemovies
  • animation productions
  • creative interactive screen entertainment


We do not fund the production of:

  • *infotainment, lifestyle, travel, magazine, sports, education, game shows and other magazine- style productions
  • current affairs and news programs
  • community television
  • shorts, short features (under 60 minutes)
  • projects being developed as part of a course of study

*For further guidance on the distinction between infotainment, lifestyle, magazine programs and documentary/factual programs refer to the advice on Screen Australia’s website.

How much can I apply for?

Applicants may request up to 35% of the budgeted NSW Regional Spend.

NSW Regional Spend is the total of the below the line shooting expenses directly associated with filming and undertaking post in regional NSW. Eligible NSW Regional Spend expenses are limited to:


  • location fees
  • travel (for cast and crew traveling from other parts of NSW) 
  • accommodation
  • per diems
  • local suppliers & services (e.g. construction contractors, security, traffic control etc.) 
  • catering
  • salaries for regionally based cast and crew

Regional spend does not include any above-the-line expenses (including development expenses), indirect costs, company overheads and contingency.

Support is provided as a grant. The maximum grant per production is $175,000.

Who is eligible?

Screen NSW general eligibility requirements can be found in the Screen NSW Terms of Trade, which should be read in conjunction with these guidelines.

  • The production must film on location in Regional NSW for a minimum of five shooting days in a single Local Government Area (LGA).
    Please find the LGA map here
  • At least one of the Key Creatives must be NSW based.
  • The production company must be registered in NSW and have its principal place of business in NSW.
  • The production must film on location in Regional NSW for a minimum of five shooting days. 
  • At least 50% of the total budget must be expended in NSW.
  • Productions must be fully financed at the time of application, with the exception of contributions being sought from Screen NSW and other state, federal or international agencies (Note: we will only consider an application where those agencies have confirmed their contribution or if the application has been submitted to a funding round running concurrently with the Screen NSW round).
  • Productions that have been shortlisted for Screen Australia’s Documentary Production Producer Program or Multi-Platform Drama Fund may apply.
  • Feature films must have distribution in place.
  • Television drama, narrative comedy and factual/documentary programs must have a financial commitment from a broadcaster, subscription service or distributor.

Screen NSW is committed to supporting increased participation in the industry of people from under-represented groups including women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, people from CaLD backgrounds, people with disability, LGBTQI people, people from western Sydney and people from regional NSW. Priority will be given to teams including people from under-represented groups.

How and when can I apply?

The Regional Filming Fund is currently OPEN.

The Regional Filming Fund is open all year round.  

However we close & refresh these rounds at the end of every financial year (11.59pm June 30th) and open the next day (July 1st). Any unsubmitted applications will need to be re-entered into the new form. 


If you are applying to both the Production Finance or Made in NSW - TV Drama program and the Regional Filming Fund, please submit the applications concurrently via the Production Finance form or Made in NSW TV Drama form.

If your application is only for the Regional Filming Fund please apply via this form at least four weeks prior to the start of filming in Regional NSW.

What do I need to submit?

You must submit all  core items listed on the application form.

If you are applying to both the Production Finance program and the Regional Filming Fund for your project, please submit the applications concurrently via the Production Finance form.

If your application is only for the Regional Filming Fund please apply via this form



How will my application be assessed?

Your application will be competitively assessed against the following criteria:

  • The level, nature and quality of the proposed NSW and Regional Spend
  • The track record, including the financial track record, and experience of the applicant and any Key Creatives
  • The quality of the creative materials
  • The potential of the project to reach its target market/s

Screen NSW may also take into account the diversity of productions and regions supported under the program.

How long will it take to receive a decision?

Between four and six weeks from the lodgement of your application.

Applications to the Regional Filming Fund that are declined cannot be resubmitted unless there is a significant change to the proposal.

What are the terms of funding?

Please see Terms of Trade for further information. 


If you would like to provide us with feedback, or believe you have cause for complaint, please consult our Feedback, Review and Formal Complaints Procedures.