Screen NSW COVID-19 Impact Survey Results, News

Screen NSW COVID-19 Impact Survey Results

In April 2020 we launched a Screen Impact Survey to learn about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on screen industry workplaces and practitioners. 

The results provide Screen NSW with valuable information on how the recent global events impacted the industry and its ability to do business.

Key findings

  • 91% of Freelance/Contractors had projects cancelled or postponed
  • 40% of employees (full time, part time and casual) had reduced pay or hours and of these, 40% were unsure how long it would last for
  • 86% of businesses had projects cancelled or postponed. Only 2.8% of business had no change
  • one in three employees (fulltime, part time or casual) lost their job
  • 42% of businesses had to either reduce staff, reduce hours of staff, or ask staff to take a pay cut 

These figures are a snapshot of the key findings gathered through the survey in April 2020. At the close of the survey 636 complete responses were received. This analysis includes completed responses only.

Image: State Theatre, Sydney Film Festival 2019 Opening Night. Courtesy the Festival.

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