Australia's International Co-production Program was established:

  • to facilitate cultural and creative exchange between co-production countries;
  • to allow co-production countries to share the risk and cost of productions; and
  • to increase the output of high-quality productions.

A screen project approved as an official co-production is regarded as a national production of each of the co-producing countries. This means it is eligible to apply for any benefits or programs of assistance available in each country.

In Australia, projects approved as official co-productions are eligible to apply for investment from Screen Australia and Screen NSW. They are also eligible to be treated as projects with a significant Australian content and may therefore access the 40% Producer Offset.

An official international co-production must be made under the terms of one of the arrangements in place between Australia and the co-producing countries. Australia has treaties with the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Ireland, Israel, Germany, Singapore, Korea, South Africa and China; and is a signatory to MOUs (Memorandum of Understanding) with France and New Zealand.

Australia's International Co-production Program is administered by Screen Australia. It is recommended that you speak to Screen Australia early if you are considering an official co-production.  For more information please visit the Screen Australia website.  

Screen NSW's Production Attraction team can connect international producers with potential producing partners in NSW. 

Contact the team:

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