Co-Productions Overview

Australia's International Co-production Program was established:

  • to facilitate cultural and creative exchange between co-production countries;
  • to allow co-production countries to share the risk and cost of productions; and
  • to increase the output of high-quality productions.

A screen project approved as an official co-production is regarded as a national production of each of the co-producing countries. This means it is eligible to apply for any benefits or programs of assistance available in each country.

In Australia, projects approved as official co-productions are eligible to apply for investment from Screen Australia and Screen NSW. They are also eligible to be treated as projects with a significant Australian content and may therefore access the 40% Producer Offset.

An official international co-production must be made under the terms of one of the arrangements in place between Australia and the co-producing countries. Australia has treaties with the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Ireland, Israel, Germany, Singapore and China; Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with France and New Zealand. Australia's International Co-production Program is administered by Screen Australia. For more information on the program please visit the Screen Australia website.

Screen NSW's Screen Destination Attraction can connect international producers with potential producing partners in NSW.

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