Key Contacts

General contact:


Head of Screen NSW

Grainne Brunsdon


Sector Investment (Screen)

Andrea Ulbrick
Screen Investment Manager


Sofya Gollan
Screen Investment Manager


Bobby Romia
Screen Investment Manager


General Sector Investment email:


Post Digital & Visual Effects

Sue McCreadie

Manager, post digital & visual effects



Screen Industry Development

Amelia Carew-Reid

Manager, Screen Industry Development (Mon-Thurs)



Nadia Obeid | Screen Industry Development Officer



Screen Destination Attraction

Matt Carroll
Senior Manager Screen Destination Attraction


Cheryl Conway
Screen Destination Attraction Manager


Mechele Axford
Screen Destination Attraction Lead

General email:


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The Production Attraction team at Screen NSW send out intermittent email updates to support sharing of knowledge with NSW-based screen professionals who are working in screen locations. If you would like to enquire about these email updates and/or be added to this distribution list, please contact and in the Subject line write: Production Attraction intermittent email updates.


ABN 34 945 244 274