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State Authorities

The New South Wales Government is committed to making the state the most attractive destination in Australia for screen production. 

It is this Government's policy to reduce red tape and provide the highest possible level of co-operation with filmmakers to encourage screen production and thereby attract investors, job creation, growth in the economy and maintain the position of NSW as the premier destination for screen production in Australia.

The NSW Government released in May 2014 the Premier's Memorandum 'Making NSW Film Friendly'.

Ministers, Chief Executive Officers and Film Contact Officers will continue to ensure that:

  • there is a cooperative attitude in dealing with filming requests;
  • applications for access are processed promptly;
  • access to locations is supported wherever possible and should not be unreasonably withheld;
  • clear reasons for refusal should be provided and alternative arrangements for sites offered if possible;
  • fees are kept to a minimum and should only reflect costs.

    Memorandum M2014-04 Making NSW Film Friendly

    This Memorandum replaces M2008-10 Making NSW Film Friendly.