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I've written a screenplay and I'd like some feedback. Where can I go?

The Australian Writer's Guild has an assessment service that provides comprehensive feedback on scripts.

The NSW Writers’ Centre has great advice and support for screenwriters.


When talking to the Guild and Writers’ Centre you may ask about specialist companies that provide script assessment services, although you will have to pay a fee.  Screen NSW can't endorse any particular commercial company.

How do I get experience writing for television?

YOU MIGHT TRY APPLYING FOR AN ATTACHMENT to the writing team of an ongoing Australian TV series. Screen NSW has a list of TV series currently in production in the Production Updates section

If you're keen to be involved with one of these productions, you will need to contact the production company directly to find out if there are any opportunities.


TRY CONTACTING ONE OF THE MANY PRODUCTION COMPANIES IN NSW and ask them if they are employing interns or attachments for any of their upcoming productions. You can find a comprehensive list of companies in the following publications. If you can't find a paid position, and you're really keen to be involved - ask them if you can volunteer in some capacity or be on set as an observer for a few days of the shoot.

The Black Book 
Encore Directory 
The Production Book