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Phantom Galaxies

In this open-world mecha sci-fi RPG from North Sydney studio Blowfish, become an elite ranger and pilot a mechanized starfighter to protect the human colony on the frontiers of space.

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Project Type: Digital Game
Year: 2023
Screen NSW support: Digital Games Rebate
Company: Blowfish Studios
Further details: Phantom Galaxies website


Phantom Galaxies combines an open-world space sim with a fast-paced mech shooter and a captivating story. 

Once enemies, the factions of Neoterra now share a dangerous alien foe, the Sha’Kari. The Sha’Kari Zealots are the priest cast of the Sha’Har race, intent on destroying mankind for desecrating their ancestral planets.

Choose the transforming Mecha Starfighter that suits your play style - Lancer, Buster, Assault, and Breacher classes - and take the fight to the Sha’Kari!

Funding & Support

This project was supported by Screen NSW through our Digital Games Rebate.