Bite Club

Type TV Drama - Series
Company Playmaker Media Pty Ltd
Producer Sue Seeary
Writer Sarah Smith

Bite Club reinvents the cop genre by placing character drama first and crime stories second. It’s a dynamic new series with a killer hook –two ex-lovers survive a terrifying man-eater and now hunt killers together. Andy and Mack are members of a notorious club no one would ever choose to join. Forever changed, inextricably linked, about to open old wounds... What do you do when the guy you’re in love with disappears into thin air? When you don’t hear a word from him for three years? Well, if you’re smart you move on. You try to forget a painful old love and open your heart to someone new. So what happens when the first guy reappears and wants to pick up where you left off? When he tells you he loves you more now than he did before? Well, if you’re smart you tell him forget it, find someone else just like you had to do. Then you try to avoid him at all costs, put him out of your mind and get on with your new life.