Concern For Welfare

Type Short Film
Company Red Seeds Production
Director Fadia Abboud
Producer Alissar Gazal
Writer Nick Parsons

Ali is a gay Lebanese probationary constable, not out to her Muslim family, and kicking against her brother Karim’s controlling behaviour. The police culture is a complete contrast: aggressive, larrikin and politically incorrect, she has to prove herself to earn her place, but being gay is no problem. When she attends a ‘concern for welfare’ her field training officer makes her turn over the decomposing body of an old man. It breaks apart in her hands and she’s covered in putrid bodily juices. When she returns home she can’t hide what’s happened from her mother Hala, and confesses she isn’t sure she can even do the job. Hala and Karim are saddened by the old man’s fate, and Ali realises that however misguided, Karim just wants her to be surrounded by the love of family and community.