Dead Lucky

Type TV Drama Series
Company Subtext Pictures Pty Ltd / Dead Lucky Holdings Pty Ltd
Director David Caesar
Producer Diane Haddon
Writer Drew Proffitt, Ellie Beaumont

DEADLUCKY is a fast paced crime thriller of murder, revenge, a missing young woman and the two police trying to make sense of it all.  Constable Charlie Fung is 25, desperate to make it as detective and a disappointment to his Chinese born parents who are still hoping he’ll become a dentist.  Detective Sergeant Grace Gibbs is 45, recently dumped, sharing custody of her eight-year-old daughter and a disappointment to herself. Over the series these flawed but engaging leads will argue over just about everything but forge an enduring friendship. Their clue trail will take us through the fascinating worlds of an inner-city cop shop, a convenience store franchise with a questionable business model, a cosmopolitan international student house, corrupt corporate internships and Asian crime rackets. Ultimately the murderer they seek will be much closer to home than they could ever have imagined…