Joy Boy

Type Short Film
Company Little Poss Pictures
Director Stef Smith
Producer Morgan Benson-Taylor
Writer Jonny Hawkins

BASED ON A TRUE STORY. IN FACT, ALL OF IT HAPPENED. ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. We first meet young Jonny as he prepares to give the performance of a lifetime; a private rendition of Marilyn Monroe’s ‘Happy Birthday, Mr President’. Elated, but Jonny receives a lacklustre response. We then meet a grown Jonny, now a young minister for a ‘hip’ city Christian Church. He is greeted by his girlfriend after mass one day and we wonder, how did THAT boy, become THIS boy? 'Joy Boy' follows through a series of fractured events in Jonny’s journey to fully embracing his inner self, his sexuality, and his joy. This is the true story of Jonny, his mother’s little Joy Boy.