Kiki and Kitty

Type TV Series - Drama
Company Porchlight Films Pty Ltd

KIKI AND KITTY has been invited to screen at the Series Mania Festival, which will act as the series International Premiere. “Series Mania is to TV drama what the Cannes Film Festival is to film” - Variety

This screening opportunity will allow the series to be showcased to a number of high- profile international companies, press and executives. Series Mania has quickly become an essential festival for Porchlight Films to for meeting with key contacts in the international television marketplace. For Nakkiah, one of the most in-demand writers in Australia, this market provides the opportunity to network with international partners and further establish herself as one of the most sought-after creatives in the industry. By attending the festival, we can also meet with the companies listed below and use the opportunity to further other projects Porchlight Films and Nakkiah Lui are in development on and gather international interest. These projects, which will be developed, shot and produced in NSW, will assist

to promote Sydney as a premier filming destination for features and television series, as well as contribute to Create NSW’s 50/50 goal of supporting female filmmakers and key creatives.