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Learn which Screen NSW logo to use for acknowledgements, and more.

The Drovers Wife BTS Chris Reynolds - Bunya Productions

Screen NSW Credit Acknowledgements

In receiving the Logo Pack from Screen NSW, the following hierarchy of choice must apply across both domestic and international projects:

  1. The full colour version is always considered as the default and to be featured on all lighter backgrounds;
  2. The partial reverse colour version should be used as the second option, should the tonality of the background not permit the legibility of the text but only the red waratah; and
  3. The mono versions are to be used only if the above two points don’t apply. 

Please see below details relating to each funding type.

Requirements by funding type

Logo Package Download

Click on the links below to access the Dropbox with all the logo variations.


We’ve moved our deliverables and acquittal process online via our SmartyGrants application platform. Within the form(s), a custom Dropbox file request link will be provided for film and photo uploads where appropriate.

You can access these form(s) by logging in at https://screennsw.smartygrants.com.au/applicant and then clicking the 'My Submissions' link at the top of page. Here you will see your submission and any associated forms open and waiting for you to complete.

  • Please note, access to these forms is connected to the SmartyGrants account you originally applied with. If you do not have access to this account, please let us know the account you would like it updated to. 
  • If you see your original submission listed in your account, click on the arrow button and the acquittal/deliverable form(s) do not appear, let us know.

Some tips on the Dropbox upload:

  • You can use the Add files > Folders from computer option to upload in bulk. When you use this option, the files upload within the folder structure on our end (which is much appreciated!)
  • If you have your own Dropbox account, you can also use the Add files > From Dropbox option. This significantly decreases the upload time, so is a great option for big files like long videos. In our testing, 150GB took less than 2 minutes to copy over. 

If you have any questions or issues with the deliverables process, get in touch at [email protected]

Requirements by funding type

Photo credit: Chris Reynolds. Behind the scenes of THE DROVER'S WIFE. Courtesy of Bunya Productions.